Sunday, May 05, 2013

The Weekly Wanting (26)

Well, it's that time of the week again - time for a Weekly Wanting!

This has been a real roller coaster of a week for me. I'm working on a post about Book Expo America (Do's and Don'ts), I'm working on some articles, and - best of all! - I found out I won a two-night stay at the Library Hotel in New York City! I have always wanted to stay in the Library Hotel ever since I found out it existed - every floor is a section of the Dewey Decimal system, every room pertains to a section of literature - Poetry, Fairy Tales, History - everything about this hotel is about books, books, books!

Of course, staying there would also require Money, Money, Money, and I figured I didn't have enough to stay there anytime in the near future. That is, until I entered their Poetry Contest and won! I haven't decided when I'll go (it's too late to schedule the room for Book Expo America), but I'm still crazy excited!

But on to what books I'm crazy about this week:

Genre: Fiction, Fantasy.
Cover Snark: Icy Dead People.
Story: A married couple go on a skiing trip and are swept up in an avalanche. Although they seemingly survive - when they return to an empty town, they begin to suspect they might not have...
Why I Want It: I really enjoyed Joyce's Some Kind of Fairy Tale, and this novel seems to have a similar concept - using a fantasy device to tell a deeply sympathetic human story. I'm in!

Genre: YA, Mystery.
Cover Snark: That green water does not look healthy to swim in.
Story: A girl goes swimming in a manmade lake over what was once her hometown, and discovers that some secrets may still lie buried beneath the waters.
Why I Want It: I love mysteries about long-hidden secrets, particularly with small-town settings. Plus, I love the idea of a city beneath a lake.

Genre: Historical, Fantasy.
Cover Snark: I'm hunting angels, instead!
Story: Part novel (about a Victorian-era doctor who documents impossible creatures), part imaginary science book about mythological creatures (complete with illustrations!).
Why I Want It: I've seen samples of some of the illustrations and journal entries online, and I'd love to see how creatures like mermaids and angels are "scientifically" explained.

Genre: Historical, Fiction.
Cover Snark: I am a Pirate Cheeeef (oh yes, he is a Pirate Chef!)
Story: A famous chef is captured by a vicious lady pirate and the only way he'll survive is if he continually cooks her fantastic meals using only their regular ship's rations.
Why I Want It: The story sounds gonzo and amazing - pirates and gourmet food! Possibly romance! Swashbuckling and souffl├ęs! Yes please!
Genre: Fantasy, Short Story Anthology.
Cover Snark: I got nuthin' - this cover is gorgeous!
Story: It's a set of short stories all dealing with Cornish folklore popping up in contemporary life.
Why I Want It: I love England and I love magical-realism short stories even more!
Genre: YA, Paranormal.
Cover Snark: Silence of the Cover Art.
Story: When our heroine dies in a freak fall, she becomes a ghost and has to hear other people talk about her - including about how she might have jumped on purpose. Afterlife's a pain until she discovers that whenever someone does think about her, she can possess them and make them do whatever she wants. 
Why I Want It: The concept sounds like something someone could have a lot of fun with, and I'm interested in how they'd deal with a ghost protagonist.


  1. Yes, this is wonderful! I want a lot of these too. Diving Belles looks awesome, as does absent. I do have an eARC of Below and I am really looking forward to it because I love mysteries and secrets as well. I hope it doesn't let us down!

    1. Be sure to let me know what you think of Below!

  2. Yay Diving Belles :)