Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Boys! Sex! Cooties! Ew ew ew!

Well, this year's Gateway Purity test is out, and not only that, but they've turned the entire Feb 14th issue into a Sex Issue. The entire front (and back) page has sexually suggestive pictures on it, some of which are quite gross, to me at least. I've half a mind to suggest that next year they distribute the Sex Issue in brown wrappers.

While there were a few articles that went on about the wrongful stigmas placed on people who remain virgins during University, the rest of the issue is devoted to articles about the best way to give oral sex, to the best places to have sex, to information about bondage, and furries, and other things that come across as slightly nauseating to me.

The Purity Test itself was funny, but the final categories (where you're "put", depending on how many points you've scored) seem to place a giant emphasis on how Having Sex in University is Healthy, Fun, and Mandatory, and how Staying A Virgin Is Just Silly And Narrow-Minded.

I'm of the rather paradoxical idea that sex isn't nearly as important to your social life as the media would like to tell you, and that sex is a sacred and significant act. You shouldn't do it with just anyone, and it shouldn't be the best thing about a relationship. It should be a good thing, yeah, but not the Be All and End All. Right now, I'm of the Wait Until I'm Married school of thought, but it's pretty easy to adhere to that idea when I've never dated, or had any relations with ANY guy outside of school EVER.

I mean, there's lots about sex that just seems gross to me. Like the idea of oral sex. One of the guys at the Gateway had a long and VERY explicit article about the best way to do it to a woman. I did not find it interesting, or particularly titilating. It seemed disgusting to me, and unhygienic, and uncomfortable. "No way in HELL is ANY guy going to do that to ME!" was my original mental reaction. There is a part of me that thinks this is just the same as my reaction to the taste of beer or coffee - I may hate the idea of it now, but sooner or later I'll come to like it because everyone else does. Still, ick.

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