Monday, February 20, 2006

Writing and Reading for Fun Again!

Today is the first official day of Reading Week. It's a ridiculous name - mostly because the majority of midterms (and the studying for said midterms) occur before this week. And also, because I'm done all of the reading I have to do for school and have at last turned to the gigantic pile of books I have to review for Green Man.

I also finished another short story, for my Creative Writing class. This one has to be about 2500 words, and my first draft of it has come to 2300. Pretty close, if you ask me. It's a pretty cool concept - I rely very heavily on the sense of smell more than any other sense in this story (hence the title: "Whiff") and (I like to think) it's dark and suspenseful and creepy without being too obvious and completely giving it away.

I think I'm going to put it in front of my online Writer's Group before I bring it before my in-person Writer's group, primarily because the online one caters to sci-fi and fantasy whereas it's anything-goes for my Creative Writing Class.

But I'm glad to be writing again.

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