Monday, February 27, 2006

Damn! Damn! Double Damn!

Hey there folks, got back my Shakespearean English Essay: a B-!

Turns out that my professor is a stickler, an extremely detail-oriented stickler, for the MLA format - as in, she deducts points for past tense, typos, and extra added line spaces, all of this stuff that none of my other English Professors saw fit to call me on. I have the MLA guide - I refer to it with my citations, mostly. Now I'm going to have to read the whole fuckin' thing from cover to cover so that Ms. Stickler can get her jollies reading my stuff. I like to imagine that wherever she lives is spotlessly clean and bare and boring.

That's probably not true, and probably very cliched. It'd be more funny if she had an untidy apartment while she was marking off points for every tiny missed detail in my essay. Did she even notice the actual content of my essay? Yes, she did, she thought I made a (relatively) good argument. But that still got me a B-. Talking to her afterwards, she said all of this I should have known from 1st year English.

1) I did not take first-year English, I skipped it due to an aced AP exam in High SChool.

2) My second- and third-year English professors had NO qualms whatsoever about where I Italicized and Bolded my fonts in my other essays.

So now I have some more reading to do, but not fun reading, apparently.

In other news, I am now official bored of Patrick Dempsey movies. Not with Patrick Dempsey, mind you, just his films. I watched Happy Together (where Dempsey finds himself [confoundingly] attracted to his very female, empty-headed, "free-spirited", college whore roommate who's afraid of commitment - Brad Pitt got mentioned very clearly in the beginning credits even though he was in two scenes!) and Some Girls (where my bilingual education came in handy when Dempsey goes to Quebec to see his girlfriend [Jennifer Connelly] - very boring, not nearly the quirky guy-sleeps-with-three-Canadian-sisters dramedy the trailer suggested it was). Both movies were tedious, although Dempsey went full frontal for Some Girls - which was, to tell you the truth, rather unpleasant to my sheltered Catholic girl sensibilities.

To be perfectly honest, the only movies of his that I wasn't bored by was Can't Buy Me Love, Scream 3, and Sweet Home Alabama. But now he's on every week on Grey's Anatomy, and he's very very good in that, and the TV show is very very good every week. So that's a million times better.

And, if you've been paying close attention, I've had to change my "What I'm Reading" segment three times! I've read a lot over Reading Week, which is appropriate. But now I have to go and read my MLA handbook, which will be very, very boring.

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