Thursday, February 23, 2006

I gots pictures now!

Like how I edited my sidebar? Now you can see the covers of the books I'm reading, or going to be reading. Excellent! It makes my site look so classy.

Anyhoo, on more news, I had a great day yesterday. Honestly, a great week. I've been spending most of it with my dear Mum, shopping for summer-job-interview clothes and sheets.

Usually shopping with Mum doesn't end well. Mum will make a well-meaning comment and I'll get defensive and insecure and we usually end up fighting. Well, this time it was just another lucky lucky shopping day because it turned out perfectly. We found a perfect, well-fitting blue-pinstriped suit for me at the second store we looked at, and it was on sale to boot. We bought that, a nice shirt, and pair of black dress pants. In the third shoe store we looked at, I found a pair of good black shoes that fit! (Turns out I have freakishly slender heels as well as freakishly tiny veins - which is why when I tried to give blood last Friday they missed the vein and didn't get enough blood out to do anybody any good) Plus, the shoes were also on sale.

I'm not sure if it was the new clothes that did it, but I aced the Test for Minimum Requirements I had to take to apply for my dream-job - a clerical Staff-Support job reserved for Post-Secondary students. It's a job in a typing pool for the city, which means if I get it this year, I'll be guaranteed it the next year, and the next, and the next, so I won't have to worry about summer jobs for University again (and this also means not having to settle for the movie theatre job).

The minimum requirements for the job were as follows:

I had to get 60% overal on the Word 2002 Knowledge Test. (I got 76%)
I had to manage 40 words per minute with 98% accuracy on the Typing Test. (I got 70 words per minute, 100% accuracy)
I had to manage 8000 keys per hour with 98% accuracy on the Data Entry Test (I typed 9200 keys per hour with 99% accuracy).

And on top of all that, I got asked to an interview! I really, really, really, really hope I get this job (really, really). It just seems so perfect, that any other summer job looks wretched by comparison. But I know I can't just give up and not take interviews with other jobs, even though I desperately want to. But I can't have another debacle the way I did last year, where I was let go from my job at the 11th hour and had to take up with a movie theatre to sling popcorn for three months. It was a great job (and had free movies), but it didn't pay near enough.

Moving on with the shopping - shopping for new sheets was harder, but we managed it without a fight and were able to have some quality time on the way. After THREE DAYS of looking through different stores for the best duvet cover/comforter/quilt (my room is painted pink, and the colours-du-jour seemed to be gold, beige, blue, brown, and green), we finally got the most beautiful pink patchwork quilt and green and blue sets of sheets. It looks fantasic - my room looks like the classiest bed-and-breakfast ever.

I have no problem cleaning up after myself and pretending a maid did it and that I'm living in a classy bed-and-breakfast.

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  1. Maybe it's not just luck, dear girl. Mothers and daughters have to find their way to an adult-adult relationship, and it's not always the same as the relationship of adult-child. You're growing up. And transitions are always tough.

    Love you.