Thursday, March 01, 2012

New Month, New Plans, New Projects

Dearest readers,

Thank you for putting up my with my reading slowness. I have been trying to bring my reading speed back up to snuff, with limited success.

In project news, I have put my gender-reversed Snow White retelling in a box under the bed, metaphorically-speaking. It's had its run, I wrote it both as a Regency romance and as a YA, but it kind of flamed out and I'd like to work on other projects and come back to it when the passion does.

In other news, I have registered to attend Book Expo America and its accompanying BEA Bloggers Conference! I've just heard so much about how awesome it is from The Booksmugglers and Katiebabs and The Story Siren, on top of the fact that I looooooove NYC, on top of the OTHER fact that the registration is like a million bajillion times cheaper than RWA National, ON TOP OF ALL THE OTHER FACTS that it's about all genres of books, I decided to go!

I registered for both and, most recently, bought a ticket to the Children's Book and Author Breakfast when I found out it's being MC'd by Chris "I Wrote TV Pilots, Children's Novels, and Coming-Of-Age Movies While Filming Glee No Big Deal" Colfer, John "The Fault In Our Stars Looks Really Good, Especially Because The Plot Doesn't Revolve Around a Crazy Unattainable Manic Pixie Dream Girl" Green, and Lois "I Cried So Hard When The Dad Put The Baby In the Cardboard Box In The Giver" Lowry. Eeeee! So excited!

So that's what you missed with my life. I'm off to go read Mockingjay.

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