Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Weekly Wanting (4)

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend! I had a pretty nice week. I actually bought books this week, which I haven't done in a while due to a) Poverty, b) Rediscovering the Library and c) my Huge TBR. Okay, I'm not poor - I'm just on a reduced budget until I go to Book Expo America. But rediscovering the library has been fun. I live within walking distance of the main one in my hometown, and now that I've gotten more and more into YA, I've found that the library actually carries those books in its online catalog.

Honestly, that's why I used to spend so much money and buy so many books when I was exclusively into romance - because our library, while it carries romance, doesn't put paperback books into the online catalog so people can order and put holds on them. Their excuse is that the average paperback only withstands about 70 rotations (people borrowing it) before falling apart. Which means if I'm looking to borrow romance, I can only pick from the titles currently in my particular branch. Now that I'm reading in a genre that publishes in hardcover, I'm finding it easier and easier to just take books out from the library for free. It's a bit of a novelty after so many years of buying.

Anyhoo - my mum and I both bought a copy of Divergent by Veronica Roth so that we can read it together, and after selling a buttload of books at the second-hand bookstore for a whopping $15, I also bought a copy of The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller after a FAB review from The Booksmugglers. So I'll be reading both of those soon ... if I can only stop impulse-borrowing from the library!

Anyways, the books I'm crazy excited about this week are as follows:

Genre: Children's Fantasy
Story: The continuing saga of September, the girl from Nebraska who travelled to fairyland and discovered all was not how it seemed.
Why I Want It? Because the previous book, The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland In a Ship Of Her Own Making was crazy awesome! As well, Valente's books are just awesome in general. See: The Orphan's Tales. Unfortunately, it's not out on shelves until October 2nd, 2012.

Genre: Literary fiction
Story: A woman in a small Southern town in WWI-era America comes across a mysterious stranger, but their growing love ends up earning them the ire of the townsfolk.
Why I Want It: I read a review of it in Entertainment Weekly and it sounded just my type - a gorgeous period piece, in a small-town setting, with tragedy and secrets and beautiful writing. Bring it! 

Genre: Fantasy YA.
The Story: The only dude in a family of man-eating mermaids sets out to seduce a human girl so that his family can revenge itself upon her dad. Naturally, a budding romance gets in the way.
Why I Want It? You had me at "man-eating mermaids." Also, the possibility of a genre-swapped Little Mermaid story has me very excited! Too bad it's not out until June 12th! I found out about this book from A Life Bound By Books.

And that's it for me! What books are you guys excited about?

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